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07:54, 30 March 201700-Mark Eugene Moffett-Proof of Life.pdf (file)1.38 MBBirth Certificate replacement for Mark Eugene Moffett1
06:57, 6 July 20162016.03.05-DPTYGOV-NP-DOT-Registrations.pdf (file)4.02 MBRegistrations of vehicle titles sent to DOT1
17:58, 16 November 20162016.11.07-LTI-Davidson-William-Deborah.pdf (file)11.89 MBPayment of Medical Bills and Tax Bill for WILLIAM RALPH DAVIDSON, PMA and DEBORAH KATHLEEN DAVIDSON, PMA2
08:00, 4 April 20172017.04.03-rueda.notice-of-judgment.pdf (file)11.08 MBThis Notary Presentment is a report on GPMC action to correct the record and establish the superior jurisdiction for American National Juan Manuel Rueda, Jr in a family dispute2
16:48, 6 July 20172017.07.05-Notice-Rinkenberger-Todd-County.scan.pdf (file)13.9 MBNotice to discharge a tax lien was sent to Todd County Minnesota with Legal Tender Continental Dollars on behalf of Marshall Revellyn Rinkenberger and Carolyn Irene Rinkenberger1
16:44, 6 July 20172017.07.05-Rinkenberger-Notice-Sherburne-County-Scan.pdf (file)10.38 MBNotice to discharge a tax lien was sent to Sherburne County Minnesota along with Legal Tender of Continental Dollars on behalf of Marshall Revellyn Rinkenberger and Carolyn Irene Rinkenberger1
12:08, 16 August 20172017.8.15-Motion-Nationalization-Conroe-Texas.pdf (file)1.87 MBThe Government of The United States of America has entered its Motion to Nationalize the City of Conroe, State of Texas in order to recover stolen property seized unlawfully by its police department1
09:20, 26 September 2017Affidavit of Protest-Lenard.Hudson-Scan.pdf (file)4.22 MBAn American National, Lenard Hudson, protests citation for an alleged rolling stop issued by Michael Morey ID# 1501
05:52, 28 June 2016Brouillard IC scan.pdf (file)2.97 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT: Filed with the Department of Defense for the Peaceful Settlement of Dispute- File # RH-20160517-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D601 (DL and Intangible Rights)1
18:30, 26 June 2016Burgess-Trust-Adverse-Possession.pdf (file)185 KBThe Trustee for the Burgess Trust has published this third notice of Adverse Possession3
07:21, 28 June 2016Davidson IC scan.pdf (file)3.52 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Davidson - RH-20160614-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D615 Traffic issues and Sovereign Citizen accusation)1
06:43, 6 July 2016Doty-Publishers Affidavit.2015.11.05.pdf (file)1.27 MBNotary Presenter's Affidavit certifies that the Proclamation of Involuntary Dissolution naming the National Guardianship Association was published on 3 consecutive days in the american Herald1
07:12, 13 October 2017Fax Transmission Results.pdf (file)96 KBFax Transmission Report for faxed notice to published listings harvested from the web6
09:00, 7 September 2017Fax Transmission Results 2nd.pdf (file)87 KBSecond transmission of the Order was successful to the 3 fails at state of Texas1
09:42, 26 September 2017Fax Transmission Results and Email.pdf (file)94 KBDocumentation of Respondents emails and fax numbers noticed1
07:15, 12 October 2017Fax Transmission and Email Report.pdf (file)98 KBEmails sent and Fax Transmision Report for Notice of Fault1
17:46, 27 June 2017Fulks-Notice-common-law-lien-BLM.scan.pdf (file)5.63 MBNotary Presentment sent as Notice to Bureau of Land Management that a common law lien exists on the Center Hill property, sent on behalf of John Harold Fulks - Trustee1
17:36, 28 June 2016Fulks FCC Scan.pdf (file)3.34 MBForeign Court Claim was sent to GPMC uncontested by John Fulks1
07:13, 28 June 2016Fulks IC scan.pdf (file)3.34 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINTS submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Fulks - RH-20160606-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D6091
16:59, 6 September 2017GPMC-2017.9.06-Nationalization-Order.pdf (file)2.69 MBNATIONALIZATION ORDER issued by GPMC pursuant to hearing of a Motion in which all Parties admitted that the claims set forth were true.1
07:24, 13 October 2017Gallan-Complaint-by-Affidavit-Scan.pdf (file)3.71 MBAmerican National Sandra Lynn Gallan files a complaint by affidavit after being gangstalked by the Massachusetts State Troopers for manufactured traffic violations.1
10:12, 6 October 2017Gallan-vs-Massachusetts-Change.of.Venue-scan.pdf (file)3.11 MBAmerican National Sandra Lynn Gallan Motion to Change Venue for purpose of preventing possible Human Rights Violations by the Massachusetts DOT and Mattapoisette Police Department2
19:20, 18 January 2018HRD- AGENT-FORM-51315 r3 20150826-FF.pdf (file)339 KBThis Form is to be filled out to request services from the Notary Presenter for the Human Rights Tribunal1
17:53, 28 June 2016Hanzlik FCC Scan.pdf (file)2.15 MBForeign Court Claim for Levy of an American National's paycheck with an Order to pay by the GPMC2
07:16, 28 June 2016Hanzlik IC scan.pdf (file)3.43 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINTS submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Hanzlik - RH-20160608-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D616 (Levy)1
05:57, 28 June 2016Howard IC scan.pdf (file)2.99 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT: Filed with the Department of Defense for the Peaceful Settlement of Dispute - File # RH-20160517-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D601 (Intangible Property rights Traffic)1
07:18, 12 October 2017Hudson-vs-Michigan-Notice-of-Default.scan.pdf (file)4.48 MBNotice of Default against Michigan for ticketing a stop as a rolling stop1
18:29, 5 December 2017INT-Notice-Status-Change-Governor.scan.pdf (file)1.68 MBGovernor's International Notice is served by Notary on local officers and offices to set the public record and run interference for American Nationals1
12:09, 11 November 2017International-Tort-Claim-Beverly-Tokarz.scan.pdf (file)1.36 MBInternational TORT CLAIM has been published against State of Minnesota Grand Master for involvement in schemes of court that promote Human Rights Violations1
12:15, 11 November 2017International-Tort-Claim-George-Althouse.scan.pdf (file)1.31 MBTrustee for the GEORGE GRAHAM ALTHOUSE III, PMA has published International Notice of Tort Claim against the Grand Master of the GRAND LODGE OF NEW JERSEY for total disregard of due process in state courts1
06:57, 28 June 2016Johnstone IC scan.pdf (file)2.7 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Johnstone - RH-20160603-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D613 (Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure)1
14:30, 28 June 2016LettersRogatory-2016.04.27-Ronaldson.pdf (file)17.03 MBChief Judge Stuart Ronaldson sent a Letter to the Maryland Supreme Court concerning Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure1
06:03, 28 June 2016Livingway IC scan.pdf (file)2.76 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINTS submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Livingway - RH-20160524-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBFKEL05 (Sovereign Citizen attempted murder, Traffic and DL, more)1
06:07, 28 June 2016Meyer IC scan.pdf (file)3.14 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINTS submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Meyer - RH-20160524-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBFSMM04 (DL and traffic issues)1
07:00, 28 June 2016Milowski IC scan.pdf (file)3.28 MBINTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT submitted for Peaceful Resolution - Milowski - RH-20160603-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D6101
08:57, 17 March 2017NGR-Palmerton.Executor-Rousseau-Estate.pdf (file)2.63 MBNotice of existence of LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FOR CAROLYN ROUSSEAU naming husband Cory Delant Palmerton as Executor and Notice of Declaration of Value on human rights violations committed by Nancy Doty dba the National Guardianship Association.1
06:46, 6 July 2016Nancy-Doty-Proclamation-of-Involuntary-Dissolution.2015.11.02.pdf (file)2.54 MBProclamation of Involuntary Dissolution names Nancy Doty and the National Guardianship Association for crimes committed against Carolyn Rousseau1
11:47, 17 July 2016Notary Hardcopy Mailed scan.pdf (file)9.71 MBHard copy of electronic transmission was mailed USPS Priority Mail to the named parties in the Warrant1
15:26, 29 August 2016Notice-Fulks-scan-2016.08.29.pdf (file)6.66 MBHard Copy Notice to parties of claim payment1
17:22, 6 September 2017Notice-Hearing-Motion-Govt-vs-Texas.pdf (file)2.33 MBNotice of Hearing on Motion to Nationalize Conroe Texas was sent to Respondents1
17:57, 27 June 2017Notice-Ronaldson-Common-Law-Lien.pdf (file)3.32 MBNotary Presentment was sent giving Notice of the existence of a federal common law lien by publication2
13:48, 29 November 2017Notice-of-Default-Tort-Claim.scan.pdf (file)1.4 MBTrustee for the BEVERLY WALDORF TOKARZ, PMA Notices the Grand Master of the Minnesota Grand Lodge A.F.& M of Default in her Tort Claim for interfering with court2
07:13, 16 November 2017Notice-of-Fault-Tort-Claim.scan.pdf (file)1.39 MBTrustee Beverly Waldorf Tokarz hereby sends Notice of Fault to GRAND MASTER of State of Minnesota that a Tort Claim has been filed against the Masons for their undue influence over curt proceedings in that state2
13:36, 29 November 2017Notice-of-Fault-Trustee-DPS-Revocation-of-Signature.scan.pdf (file)1.86 MBTrustee for BEVERLY WALDORF TOKARZ, PMA filed Notice of revocation of signature with the state of Minnesota to set the public record straight1
14:06, 29 November 2017Notice-of-Fault-revenue.scan.pdf (file)8.49 MBTrustee serves Notice that state of Minnesota is now at fault in its failure to correct Public Record and give proper recognition to Christopher James Waldorf for change of status1
16:24, 28 August 2017Notice-sos-pike-survey.pdf (file)1.1 MBCourtesy notice to prevent further Human Rights violations by Law Enforcement associations posing as government agencies1
05:58, 23 May 2017Notice CenterHill common-law-lien scan.pdf (file)10.48 MBNotice published by John Harold Fulks - Trustee concerning the Federal Common Law Lien placed on Center Hill Property2
19:32, 16 July 2016OAS-Court.pdf (file)29.86 MBNotary Presenter's report to the GPMC concerning the process to Organization of American States1
05:12, 6 December 2017OJHR-Foreign-Court-Claim-Settlement.scan.pdf (file)3.34 MBOffice of Justice and Human Rights has tendered Legal Tender to a City Court System to discharge a 'created debt' and the false warrants behind that debt in violation of human rights and International protocols1
07:10, 13 October 2017Open-Letter-and-Non-Aggression-Pact-scan.pdf (file)3.48 MBOpen Letter extends offer to Masonic Lodges of U.S. to come to peace or face Human Rights tribunal for Human Rights Violations... this in response to a silly old mans' religious ceremony celebrating the 200th birthday of the U.S. Empire1

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