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== Publications ==
== Publications ==
==International Bill==
[[File:20171001-TRSY-America_International_Bill.pdf]] ‎

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Treasury Seal 250x250.jpeg


Current Appointed Treasurer

Juan Antonio Ceniceros

Affirmation [1]

Letter of Acceptance [2]

Also within the office of the Treasury


Bank of North America


International Bill

File:20171001-TRSY-America International Bill.pdf


International Conflict Resolution File:20151108-TRSY-BNA Conflict Resolution.pdf

Bank of North America Authorization to Issue Continental Dollar

File:20151105-TRSY-National currency known as Continental Dollars.pdf

office of the Treasury hereby appoints GPOD3 as the bond issuing agent


Declaration of Value of the Continental Dollar, as amended 08-26-2016

File:2016826-TRSY-Declaration of Value as amended.pdf

The legal tender of the Government of The United States of America

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International Public Notice-Adoption of Generic Currency Symbol