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Procedure for Human Rights Defenders / Agents

The Notary Presenter Announces Procedure for Agents

File:THE NOTARY PRESENTMENT.pdf This explains the Presentment as a general Notice.

The Notary Presentment as an Administrative Court Proceeding: The Notary Presenter needs an Agent Intake Sheet to establish chain of title before he can proceed with the Administrative Judgment Procedure. IF you are a Claimant looking for the Notary Presenter to help you press your claim, you need an Agent to be your go-between with the Notary. IF you are the Agent you must contact the Court Clerk and get a unique identifier case number and then begin your investigation into the process by completing the Agent Intake Form.

The Procedure is relatively simple but document preparation can be complex. To help the reader understand the steps, the Notary will outline them first so the Agent and Claimant can get started on filing the claim.

The Agent is responsible for putting the documents together. The Notary is basically a neutral third party who is a witness designated to present the Claimant’s information via Agent in a well-organized formal process. In effect, the goal is to obtain and Administrative Judgment against the alleged violators by default. Once the Agent completes his investigative report, identifying the Respondents to be served and the Human Rights violations committed, he formats the documents and affixes his autograph for the International Notary to acknowledge. (The Notary Presenter is an International Notary and can acknowledge documents for this jurisdiction with proper authorization by declaration through the Registrar.) When the documents are received the Notary Presenter verifies them and carefully looks at dates, names, addresses, and other pertinent facts in preparation for duplicating them for timely mailing. Notice is sent on three successive dates at least 7 days apart to the Respondents with allegations, complaints, and facts of historical record. Of particular interest are the events and behaviors that reveal potential Human Rights Violations. The report is intended to explain potential violations against the backdrop of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in such a way that the Respondents know if they are guilty or not and can enter a viable explanation and defense against the charges. Establishing the truth is the goal.

THE PROCESS: After the Third Mailed Notice is delivered/received, and time is allowed to respond, the Claimant has established that (s)he stands in honor and the Respondent is in dishonor. A Judgment by Default is entered by the Notary and issued to each Respondent with another 7 days to cure the Default. That Default Notice is ‘cured’ in 7 days and becomes final under common law. Silent acquiescence is default by consent.

Again, the process consists of duplicating the documents and mailing them registered mail to the Respondents 3 consecutive weeks with an invitation to come into honor or face the liability consequence. When 3 strikes are made, a Notice of Default is issued with another opportunity to correct the record before the Default Judgment becomes final.

THE REPORT The Agent is responsible for the Report. He/She should go about writing the Report from the perspective of a Prosecutor. This is a mini-lawsuit in which the Agent, upon completing an investigation into the evidence presented sets forth at least one cause of action, supported by the facts and the law to bring charges against the Respondent(s). The cause of action is a simple statement about what duty the Respondent has that was breached in his relationship to the Respondent(s).

The Report is NOT an opinion paper or a mere research paper. It should set forth the Respondent(s) liability and damages he/she caused the Claimant specifically as it relates to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Any violations of law must relate to the basic Human Rights of the Claimant that were violated by the Respondent(s) actions.

Precise statements and simplicity are emphatically necessary so there is no ambiguity in what is being alleged and there can be no ambiguous response. The word selection and arBold textrangement is to be pointed and focused on the claim being made. After stating the case, the Report should close with a motion to the Court. Each Presentment is different and will have different chains of evidence to present. However, it may be prudent to remember, once the Administrative Procedure/Notary Presentment is complete, the Notary will forward the results to the Human Rights Tribunal for enforcement and collection.

HRD-AGENT-FORM-51315_r3_20150826-FF.pdf Open this form using Adobe Reader and fill in information before sending to the Notary Presenter


Publication of Public Notices

The Burgess Trust

File:Burgess-Trust-Adverse-Possession.pdf Filed by Stuart Andrews Ronaldson, Trustee

First Publication Date: ninety-seventh day in the year of Yahweh, 6018 (June 24, 2016)

Second Publication Date: ninety-eighth day in the year of Yahweh, 6018 (June 25, 2016)

Third Publication Date: ninety-ninth day in the year of Yahweh, 6018 (June 26, 2016)

Publisher's Affidavit: File:Adverse Possession P scan.pdf one hundred-first day in the year of Yahweh, 6018 (June 28, 2016)

Notice of Common Law Lien: File:Notice-Ronaldson-Common-Law-Lien.pdf

Re: Nancy Doty and the National Guardianship Association

[File:Nancy-Doty-Proclamation-of-Involuntary-Dissolution.2015.11.02.pdf]] File:Doty-Publishers Affidavit.2015.11.05.pdf Published November 2015

Re: Foreclosure Sale of Center Hill Florida Property

File:Notice CenterHill common-law-lien scan.pdf Three Hundred Fourteenth day of the year of Yahweh, 6019 (January 26, 2017)

File:Fulks-Notice-common-law-lien-BLM.scan.pdf One Hundredth day of the year of Yahweh 6019 (June 27, 2017)

Re: Rinkenberger Notice to County to Discharge Tax Lien

File:2017.07.05-Notice-Rinkenberger-Todd-County.scan.pdf One Hundred Eighth Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (July 5, 2017)

File:2017.07.05-Rinkenberger-Notice-Sherburne-County-Scan.pdf One Hundred Eighth Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (July 5, 2017)

Faxed Motions, Judgments, Notices, Orders, and Other Process Documents

Re: The United States of America vs State of Texas, City of Conroe

File:2017.8.15-Motion-Nationalization-Conroe-Texas.pdf One Hundred Forty Ninth Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (August 15, 2017)

File:Fax Transmission Results.pdf

File:Notice-Hearing-Motion-Govt-vs-Texas.pdf One Hundred Fifty Eighth Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (August 24, 2017)

File:GPMC-2017.9.06-Nationalization-Order.pdf One Hundred Seventy First Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (September 6, 2017)

File:Fax Transmission Results.pdf One Hundred Seventy First Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (September 6, 2017)

File:Fax Transmission Results 2nd.pdf One Hundred Seventy Second Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (September 7, 2017)

Re: Notice to Masonic Lodges: Albert Pike's overlay survey of Washington DC is notwithstanding

File:Notice-sos-pike-survey.pdf One Hundred Sixty Second Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (August 28, 2017) File:Fax Transmission Results.pdf One Hundred Sixty Second Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 (August 28, 2017)

Re: Lenard Hudson Against Michigan State Police

File:Affidavit of Protest-Lenard.Hudson-Scan.pdf One Hundred Eighty Sixth Day in the Year of YHWH (September 21, 2017) File:Fax Transmission Results and Email.pdf

Re: Sandra Lynn Gallan Motion for Change of Venue

File:Gallan-vs-Massachusetts-Change.of.Venue-scan.pdf Two Hundred First Day of Year of YHWH (October 6, 2017) File:Fax Transmission Results.pdf

Foreign Court Claims

File:Schaffer FCC Scan.pdf Robert Carl Schaffer uncontested Judgment for a foreign court claim before GPMC

File:Fulks FCC Scan.pdf John Harold Fulks uncontested Judgment for a foreign court claim before GPMC

File:Hanzlik FCC Scan.pdf Susan Kay Hanzlik request for GPMC to issue an Order to Pay the Levy on her paycheck by Minnesota Revenue

File:Scan-Fulks-Payment-2016.08.25.pdf John Harold Fulks has an Amended Order to Pay issued by the GPMC to the Treasury and payment is sent by the Notary Presenter File:Notice-Fulks-scan-2016.08.29.pdf Notice to parties of Claim Payment

Letters Rogatory

File:LettersRogatory-2016.04.27-Ronaldson.pdf Chief Judge Stuart Ronaldson requests review of Mortgage Fraud in Foreclosure case

International Complaints

File:Ronaldson IC scan.pdf 2016.05.17 File # RH-20160517-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D601 Mailed May 17, 2016

File:Brouillard IC scan.pdf 2016.05.17 File # RH-20160517-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D601 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Howard IC scan.pdf 2016.05.17 File # RH-20160517-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D601 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Livingway IC-scan.pdf 2016.05.24 File # RH-20160524-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBFKEL05 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Meyer IC scan.pdf 2016.05.24 File # RH-20160524-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBFSMM04 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Reinheimer IC scan.pdf 2016.05.24 File # RH-20160524-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBFRRR03 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Rousseau IC scan.pdf 2016.05.24 File # RH-20160524-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D602 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Thompson IC scan.pdf 2016.05.25 File # RH-20160525-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D608 Mailed June 23, 2016

File:Talbot IC scan.pdf 2016.06.02 File # RH-20160602-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D612 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Johnstone IC scan.pdf 2016.06.03 File # RH-20160603-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D613 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Milowski IC scan.pdf 2016.06.03 File # RH-20160603-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D610 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Rinkenberger IC scan.pdf2016.06.03 File # RH-20160603-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D614 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Wiker IC scan.pdf 2016.06.03 File # RH-20160603-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D611 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Fulks IC scan.pdf 2016.06.06 File # RH-20160606-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D609 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Hanzlik IC scan.pdf 2016.06.08 File # RH-20160608-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D616 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Davidson IC scan.pdf 2016.06.14 File # RH-20160614-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D615 Mailed June 27, 2016

File:Smock IC scan.pdf 2016.06.16 File # RH-20160616-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D617 Mailed July 12, 2016

File:Smock2 IC scan.pdf 2016.06.16 File # RH-20160616-GOVX-4078-B9C8-DCD6DBF0D618 Mailed July 12, 2016

File:Rueda-IC-scan.pdf 2017.02.01 File # GPMC-53FD33EF-F079-4A5A-9D1B-2874D420FBC3 Mailed February 1, 2017 File:Rueda-extra-mailing.pdf


NANCY DOTY AND THE NATIONAL GUARDIANSHIP ASSOCIATION File:Warrant Rousseau.2015.11.04.pdf HRTI - 2177DCBC-2860-4E06-9CC3-EEA02E6FE91C Carolyn Coyne Rousseau

Greg Wolf, Hart McGibben, Linda Armstrong, Martin H. File:Warrant Livingway.pdf HRTI -3B184F11-3EDD-4663-BD58-DEDE6572C01D Keith Edward Livingway

Floyd T. Huntington File:SGV-Huntington.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia

Bradley F. Johnson File:Warrant-SGV-Johnson.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia

Bridger Kelch File:Warrant-SGV-Kelch.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia

Ricci Belgarde-Lamb File:Warrant-SGV-Belgarde-Lamb.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia

William Warren Melvin, Gail Jarvis Melvin and Mary Anne Melvin File:Warrant-SGV-Melvins.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia

Thomas T. Tornow File:Warrant-SGV-Tornow.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia

Robert Blair Young, Suzanne Young File:Warrant-SGV-Young.2015.11.04.pdf HRT 20141008-GT55-4330-BKYF-JJ450E97ASGV Samuel German Valencia


Governor Jerry Brown of the State of California and immediate family; 2)California Democrat Party et al; 3)California Republican Party et al; 4)The Trustee of The State Bar of California; 5) Any and all Nobilities under the title of STATE OF CALIFORNIA; a) LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT b) LOS ANGELES COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION c) THE CITY OF GLENDORA d) GLENDORA POLICE DEPARTMENT; 6) Jackie Lacey File:Notary Hardcopy Mailed scan.pdf HRTI-20160713-39D3-4CF8-8320-516191349768 Derek William Davidson Arrest Warrant issued

Kate Brown and immediate family; 2) Claudia Burton; 3) Nancy Doty; 4) Jeanne P. Atkins; 5) all Nobilities under the title of STATE OF OREGON a) OREGON STATE BAR ASSOCIATION b) CIRCUIT JUDGES ASSOCIATION File:Tort Hardcopy Palmerton Scan.pdf Case No. 20141026-FIB8-4D6E-AFCB-009EA5A9AF47 Delant Cory Palmerton and Carolyn Coyne Rousseau, Arrest Warrant issued

General Services Association File:Tort Hardcopy GSA scan.pdf Case No. HRTI-2FAA5952-5B8F-44B7-BAB7-B2A60C357191 American Nationals and the office of Governor... Notice served giving 30 days to remediate, No Warrant issued

Gene Bowles; 2) Billy Bowles; 3) Jim Walts: 4) James JR Smith; 5) Randy Newman; 6) Jack Nash; 7) Diane Lamb; 8) Sue Taylor; 9) Roger Odom; 10) Ashley Hunt File:Tort Hardcopy Fulks CenterHill scan.pdf Case No. HRTI-2EF4EE42-1E14-405E-AD10-78E92F9FDE54 John Harold Fulks - Center Hill Arrest Warrant Issued



Registration of Vehicles with DOT

File:2016.03.05-DPTYGOV-NP-DOT-Registrations.pdf RH-20160315-5DOT-4A82-9299-44EGJY993U24 (MOSES BRIAN MOSS, PMA) RH-20160301-8DOT-4A82-9299-6B4DC751032E (JOHN HAROLD FULKS, PMA) RH-20160301-7DOT-4A82-9299-970885790069 (DELANT CORY PALMERTON, PMA) RH-20160301-9DOT-4A82-9299-685062760969 (MARK EUGENE MOFFETT, PMA) RH-20160322-5DOT-4A82-9299-224774725239 (STUART ANDREWS RONALDSON, PMA)


A. Executor of Estate

File:NGR-Palmerton.Executor-Rousseau-Estate.pdf Notice of Existence of LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FOR CAROLYN ROUSSEAU naming husband Cory Delant Palmerton as Executor

B. Family Court Notices and Judgments

File:2017.04.03-rueda.notice-of-judgment.pdf Notice of Judgment reversing a foreign court order against American National Juan Manuel Rueda, Jr.

C. Notice of Existence of a Federal Common Law Lien

File:Notice-Ronaldson-Common-Law-Lien.pdf Trustee publication of Federal Common Law Lien with Writ of Attachment for the Burgess Trust