Human Rights Defenders

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Chief of the Human Rights Defenders International

Delant Cory Palmerton

Affirmation and Acknowledgement File:20170112-OATH-AFF-CHIEF-HRDI-Palmerton-DC.pdf

Joseph Louis George III

Letter of Resignation File:20170112-RESIGN-SECRETARY-HRD-George-III,JL.pdf

Acceptance and Acknowledgement File:20150917-OATH-AFF-SECRETARY-HRD-George-III,JL.pdf

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

File:The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.pdf

International Public Notices

Human Rights Defender Investigative Reports:


File:20160308-HRD-IPN-Treasury Report.pdf


File:20160320-HRD-IPN-Chemtrails Report.pdf

The Burgess Trust International Protest

File:20160319-The Burgess Trust-INTERNATIONAL PROTEST.pdf

Human Rights Complaint Drivers License

File:Human Rights Complaint Drivers license Report.pdf

International Alien Tort Claim


Delegation of Authority for Human Rights Defenders ID Card

File:09-11-2017 Human Rights Defenders Proclamation-Granting Authority to Treasury for ID of HRDI (1).pdf

International-National Uniform Citation for Human Rights Defenders

File:International-National Uniform Citation for Human Rights Defenders.pdf