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== Website ==
== Website ==

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The General Post Exchange (GPEX) is formed as a private membership association serving its members with real solutions to the hardships facing the members at this time.

GPEX is a barter site to assist in trade for its users.



Barter Exchange

General Post Exchange has been extended into a Barter Exchange known as "GPEX". GPEX has two sides to it. One side is the General Post Exchange and the other is a cooperative. General Post Exchange operates under the General Post Articles and the Cooperative operates under its constitution and user agreement deposited below.

GPEX Co-Op Constitution


Foreign Exchange License Agreement

File:04-20160901-LICENSE AGREEMENT-General Post Exchange.pdf

Anti Money Laundering Policy

File:01-AMLP-Anti Money Laundering Policy.pdf

GPEX Logos and Brands

GPEX Logo 1

GPEX Logo 1.png

GPEX Logo 2

GPEX logo 2.png

GPEX Logo 3

GPEX Logo 3.png

Licensed Exchangers

GPEX Licensed Exchanger Logo 1